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Servicing: Barrow, Braselton, Flowery Branch, and Buford.
Including Communities of: Chateau Elan, Hamilton Mill
and The Georgia Club.
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When No Average Joe Will Do

Chemical Program: Fescue Grass

Our 7 Step Program is Effective & Affordable!

Schedule a FREE in depth lawn analysis to determine your lawn needs, and design a scheduled service program to grow a healthy greener lawn all season.

Early spring

Fertilization, pre-emergent crabgrass and broadleaf weed control


Fertilization, second pre-emergent crabgrass and braodleaf weed control

Early summer

Fungicide application and post-emergent weed control if needed


Fungicide application and post-emergent weed control if needed

Late summer

Starter fertilization for root growth including seed germination. This is the time to aerate for overseeding.


Fertilization, pre-emergent blue grass control and post-emergent weed control if needed


Winter fertilization and post-emergent weed control if needed

Maintaining a healthy lawn is not only accomplished by starting an effective lawn program, but proper mowing (height and frequency), adequate watering, including necessary sunlight are all required to grow a beautiful healthy lawn. Throughout the year, Fescue grass may encounter specific health issues. If any are discovered, we will compose a detailed analysis including fees for treatment. Having the necessary information, you can make a sound decision to proceed with a treatment plan.