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Servicing: Barrow, Braselton, Flowery Branch, and Buford.
Including Communities of: Chateau Elan, Hamilton Mill
and The Georgia Club.
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Service Descriptions

MOWING: Cut lawn to variety standard with seasonal height consideration. Removing 1/3 of the blade per cut is the industry guideline to prevent disease, excessive clipping residual, and prevent scalping (shock). Mulching clippings reduce the size of blades cut providing the lawn with extra Nitrogen (food). We always alternate mowing patterns to prevent soil compaction and enhance blade growth. A well fed lawn with regular fertilizations will help grass survive stress and maintain a greener healthier lawn.

TRIMMING: We use a string trimmer to cut the lawn where the mower canít reach providing continuity in lawn height. Including low spots, ridges, and around obstructions. Trimming enhances detail for a manicured appearance during each visit.

EDGING: Another detail service which offers a clean manicured look between sidewalks, driveways, and patios preventing lawn overgrowth. We use a specialized vertical steel blade that slices along the edge without creating gouges, big groves and prevents hacking of the lawn. Edging garden beds when needed prevents invasive grasses from entering causing overgrowth.

BLOWING: Removing lawn debris (clippings, dirt) from all hard surfaces including driveways, walks, roads, and patios. Blowing leaves off the lawns during the fall are always recommended to reduce disease caused by excessive moisture.

SHRUB TRIMMING: Trimming hedges, shrubs, and small ornamental tree less than 10 feet. We use hand clippers, power shears and loppers to sculpt each variety to plant standards or what you may desire throughout your landscape. Annual service includes pruning select plant that require reduction to fit a specific area or necessary for specific plant standards. We will also maintain perennials when needed throughout the year. Always consider fertilizing plants in the spring to help get through drought conditions that may occur during the growing season.

BED MAINTENANCE: Our maintenance is to treat weeds when they are present with a herbicide (weed killer). However, without mulching we cannot spray enough to combat all weeds. The alternative for an extra fee is to apply a pre-emergent to the bed area for troubled spots. This enables the reduction of weed seeds from germinating (growing). It is always necessary to mulch beds with either pine straw or wood mulches to control weeds, and prevent plant roots from drying out killing the plant.

LEAF CLEAN-UP: During the fall we begin to regularly blow off leaves from lawn areas to prevent disease and maintain a detailed appearance. Once the leaves have all fallen we will address any leaves within bed areas. We have found out that since the winter is best time to mulch beds or pine straw, we tend to keep leaves within the beds. This enhances organic materials for plants and contributes to a thick barrier preventing weeds.

WINTER VISITS: The few visits when everything is complete, alows us to keep fallen branches or lawn debris under control. It is always nice to get a head start on other projects that are required during the new season. We are always a phone call away if any unexpected winter damage occurs.

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